Victoria Fyfe

BA (Psychology), PG Diploma Counselling

I am an accredited BrainFit coach, trained by Dr Allison Lamont and her sister Gillian Eadie of the Memory Foundation.  My background in psychology and counselling, along with this in-depth understanding of the brain and memory, enables me to share the skills and strategies vital for maintaining a healthy memory and independence during ageing.

Did you know you can grow new brain connections right up until the end of your life?

We’ve all grown up thinking we were born with a set number of brain cells and that some have more than others but discoveries in neuroscience have changed all of that. I’m here today to help you make sure that you are growing all of the new brain neurons you need to keep you independent and thinking well. I am looking forward to working with you soon.


What do Victoria’s class members say?


‘I enjoyed the relaxed and friendly welcome and atmosphere. Having dedicated time and access to on-line growth through the Brainfit website helped me as did the weekly puzzles.’


‘Having the Saturday afternoon dedicated time was really a huge bonus,  I need to do that for myself now.’


‘I liked Victoria’s openness and acceptance of all our comments and questions. The non threatening nature of the course meant we weren’t required to share the results of the tasks we were set but feedback was invited. No pressure. Thank you, Victoria.’


‘I like the content of the course. Each session was interesting. A good mix of theory about the structure and working of the brain and brain health. Extremely interesting. I also enjoyed the varied activities. All well presented by Victoria who invited questions and checked with us that her communication was clear and understood.’


‘I looked forward to  attending each week and was sorry when it ended.’


‘Thank you Victoria for being such a good instructor and for the professional manner in which you conducted the course.’ – Kathy



Mobile: 022 033 9552