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Rima Abdulwahab

Accredited Brainfit® Coach in Christchurch


Hello, I am Rima

I am a Brainfit® for Life coach in Christchurch.
As well as the comprehensive study involved in becoming an Accredited Brainfit® Coach, my completed studies include: Neuroscience for parents: “How to raise amazing kids”; Aged care and Counselling (100 hour course), Preventing Dementia, 2020 and Neuroscience for Personal Development. I am so looking forward to sharing this knowledge with my classes.
For many years I have been working trading shares and I loved my job. It’s like challenging game because everyday there is something new to learn or to try.
Because I love challenging my brain I decided to become a Brainfit® Coach.
Today`s world of information overload makes it hard to concentrate on any one thing so many people of different ages are worried about their memory lapses and brain let-downs.
As a Brainfit® Coach,  I will teach you how to turn `I Forget` into ‘ I Remember`.
I believe there is no such concept as a good memory or bad memory- there is only a trained memory and an un-trained memory.
Brainfit® for Life courses are useful for everyone.

‘It is an extremely stimulating and useful course at any age or stage.’

If you have any questions, please contact Rima on:

Phone: (+64) 021 264 1921


Thank you for all you have taught me. I was starting to worry about my memory and was thinking it could only get worse. Thanks to you and all I have learned from you, I know there are many ways I can help myself. I have regained a lot of confidence in myself and am no longer 75 going on 100 but am 75 going o 55. thank you so much.

Margaret, 2020

 Your class reminded me of the ongoing  “ Duty of Care”  I am becoming to recognise from Brainfit for Life.
 From the start, you set the atmosphere with a strong, and short, convincing message which alerted me to the fact how seriously and sincerely you took brain health, and consequently,  ushered us all into the session with a focus.   I liked that.  For a person that English must be your second language, you spoke clearly and not fast which we all appreciated.  The session Outlines were very clear to follow and the “for  examples” we really liked and could identify with, along with doing the puzzles together with a bit of banter!!
Mary, 2020