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Rima Abdulwahab

Accredited Brainfit® Coach in Christchurch


Hello, I am Rima

I am a Brainfit® for Life coach in Christchurch. For many years I was working in trading shares and I loved my job. It’s like challenging game because everyday there is something new to learn or to try. Because I love challenging my brain I decided to become a Brainfit® Coach.
Today`s world of information overload makes it hard to concentrate on any one thing so many people of different ages are worried about their memory lapses and brain let-downs.
I am a Brainfit® Coach and I will teach you how to turn `I Forget` into ‘ I Remember`.
I believe there is no such concept as a good memory or bad memory- there is only a trained memory and an un-trained memory.
Brainfit® for Life courses are useful for everyone.

‘It is an extremely stimulating and useful course at any age or stage.’

If you have any questions, please contact Rima on:

Phone: (+64) 021 264 1921