The full course of four Brainfit for Life classes costs just $197. For this you enjoy four, 90-minute sessions with a convivial class, individual attention from your Accredited Brainfit coach, follow-up emails and handouts as well as gaining new memory confidence and a range of new skills.

So if you like learning in a group, join a class and sharpen your mind, practise new skills, control how your memory works for you, and have fun!

Better still, if you include the course book, the total cost will be $227.00.
(It’s like taking your brain to the Gym.)


We also offer Brainfit® at Work which is great way to bring these important skills into the workplace.

Make Brainfit® at Work corporate and workplace seminars a vital part of your company wellness programme.

Whatever your age, a well functioning, brain and memory is crucial to ongoing personal and professional success. As an employer or manager, you can enhance the self-belief, productivity, efficiency, and power of your team through developing brain resilience and mental fitness.