Cherie Powrie

Cherie Powrie



Cherie Powrie is an accredited BrainFit Coach, and an experienced speaker, presenter and Lifestyle Coach.

Cherie has recently completed an Understanding Dementia course, has been involved with a number of elderly support groups and is able to assist you to get the most out of the Brain Fit for Life™ course. She has skills gained during her 20+ years career as a litigation lawyer and mediator and is well versed in presenting seminars & engaging audiences. She knows the importance of a healthy body healthy mind lifestyle having formerly been an international sportswoman and University Sportswoman of the Year. She is passionate about lifestyle and wellbeing and continues to encourage and support others in the community.

Cherie is pleased to be working with the Memory Foundation and delivering Brain Fit for Life™ courses in the Pukekohe, South Auckland areas. She also partners with organisations such as Inspiring Wellness NZ in order to make these courses more readily available to the local communities.


Mobile: 0274 780035

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“Cherie was a very natural and warm presenter who was great at keeping us all on track and on time. She created a safe environment for everyone to learn and share their experiences if they chose to do so.
For me personally it has created an awareness in me and I have told many people about the course. (People automatically think of crosswords and Sukudo when you talk about keeping the brain active and I do neither of these activities.) I have learnt practical tips that I can apply to everyday life… Thank you, Cherie!”
Marilyn Matthews


“I enjoyed the course and have been sharing tips on remembering things with some of my friends – one hopes to do a course soon! Thank you Cherie for presenting a programme that was both interesting and easy to understand. It was lovely to meet you!”

Pam Phillips


“Brain Fit is a useful, fun and interactive way to get your brain ticking over more efficiently. Tips and insights learned are invaluable.”

Janice G.