Bachelor of Social Work

“I came across Brain Fit for Life through the Business and Professional Women’s Club and was very excited about what it offers to our expanding ‘baby boomer’ senior demographic group. Developing brain resilience and a set of skills and strategies to give confidence and sustain independent living is a wonderful thing to share. The positive personal and economic implications for participants and our country are huge. It has been immensely rewarding for me to train as a Brain Fit For Life coach and to be able to offer this wonderful resource to our community.”


Want to know more?

  • Understand how memory works for you
  • Gain confidence through knowing how to apply the important strategies
  • Become aware of the many ways you can use your new skills.
  • Gain some new friends in the group and with your Coach


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Watch part of a class

Snippets from Bronwyn’s Botany class.

Bronwyn comes from Australia and has been living permanently in New Zealand since 1991. She has a background in Social Work with extended periods of employment with Alzheimers Counties Manukau, providing information and support to families caring for a person with dementia and then with Open Home Foundation, recruiting, training and supporting foster families.

Since moving to Warkworth she has liaised and been involved with a wide cross-section of community support services. She has very full involvement with the local Presbyterian church, coordinates the local arm of Fresh Perspective mentoring service, is on the Executive Committee of AIM (Adults In Motion), is an active member of Warkworth Business and Professional Women’s Club and sings with the Kowhai Singers (for fun!)