World class training for BrainFit Coaches at the exclusive BrainFit Academy with Dr Allison Lamont and training director, Gillian Eadie.

Be trained by the best in the business.

The BrainFit Academy is a niche consultancy specialising in the training and development of BrainFit Coaches.

Which BrainFit Coach training course is right for you?

Turn your curiosity and interest in the brain and memory into a high-paying and rewarding career as a BrainFit Coach at the BrainFit Academy. We specialise in training the future’s best BrainFit Coaches at our exclusive Academy.


Our BrainFit Coaching correspondence course is an online training course which you can do from the comfort of your own home – wherever you live! It starts with an introductory module followed by 10 intensive modules covering all aspects of how to offer the Brain Fit for Life™ course, including how to set up your own BrainFit business. Your expert tutor will guide you through this home-study course which is an exciting mix of theory and practical tasks – many of which you will be assessed. As soon as you sign up for the course you will start to live the life of a BrainFit Coach.


Our Auckland based BrainFit Coaching course includes an intensive, two-day training workshop (held over separate weekends), follow-up study and preparation as well as completion of our online premium, 14-part brain training course, Memory Tune™.

Why choose the BrainFit Academy?

World Class Experienced Tutors: You will be trained by the best in the field. (Link to our page)
Theory & Practical: The courses are a perfect mix of both theory and practical tasks. We believe that coaching real people is essential when learning and developing your coaching skills.
Work Experience: As part of your training you will have the opportunity to observe a BrainFit Coach in action either in person or, if training via correspondence, via video.
Business Advice: You will receive invaluable advice on what you need to do to set up a business and how to market it.
Home-Study Option: The BrainFit Coach online correspondence course gives you access to the same tutors as the in-house course so you can study from home to become a successful BrainFit Coach.
After Course Support: We are committed to helping students with their BrainFit Coaching careers and are here to offer on-going support after each of our courses for as long as needed – over the phone, by email or face to face. Dr Lamont is available for guidance and support through brain and memory theory and your training mentor will assist you with the management and delivery of your classes.
Network of BrainFit Coaches: You will become one of an expert group of BrainFit Coaches offering courses who share experiences, ideas and suggestions.
Certificate: Upon successful completion of our personal styling courses you will receive a Certificate endorsed by international memory specialist, Dr Allison Lamont and Training Director Gillian Eadie.

Do you have what it takes to become a Accredited Brainfit Coach?

Join industry specialists and practitioners who teach
improved brain function around the world.