What is Brainfit for Life?

‘Brainfit for Life®’ is a 4-week series of classes, each one-and-a-half hours in length. Each class builds on the previous session and takes you through, step-by-step, all you need to know about the brain and the way it works to support a sharp memory. Memory strategies are taught and practised in class through a variety of activities accompanied by a lot of laughter! A friendly, supportive atmosphere is quickly established and your accredited Brainfit Coach is experienced in understanding that class members will need a variety of ways to approach new information. Many strategies are presented and class members find their own favourites to help them remember effectively. Dr Allison Lamont’s six key memory skills are covered along with the life-style factors that keep the brain healthy.

Brainfit for Life™ was created by Auckland sisters Dr Allison Lamont (researcher and Auckland Memory Clinic) and Gillian Eadie (educator) after they had seen at first hand the devastating effect Alzheimer’s disease can have on families. Their class helps baby boomers and seniors put strategies in place to compensate for the memory changes that can appear from the age of 40 or so.

What are the benefits?

At the completion of your class you will:

  • Have covered and practised the 6 key memory skills
  • Understand how memory works for you
  • Gain confidence through knowing how to apply the important strategies
  • Become aware of the many ways you can use your new skills.
  • Gain some new friends in the group and with your Brainfit Coach
  • Receive on-going reminders of the strategies you have learned and the challenges you need to keep your brain and memory working at peak for you.

If you’ve been at a party and forgotten the name of someone you really should know, you might worry you’re having a ‘senior moment’ and losing your memory. But it’s more likely your memory powers have dulled simply because your brain (and maybe your body) is no longer in tip-top shape.

Indeed, brain volume does begin to shrink as we hit middle age and, until relatively recently, it was believed this signalled an irreversible slide into memory loss. But, thanks to recent research technologies such MRI imaging, we now know you can actually re-grow brain connections at any age and improve your memory. Brain Fit for Life™ shows you how!

How Much Will It Cost?

The full course of 4 seminars costs just $197. So if you like learning in a group, join a class and sharpen your mind, practise new skills, control how your memory works for you, and have fun!
(It’s like taking your brain to the Gym.)

We also offer Brain Fit for Work™ which is great way to bring these important skills into the workplace.

Make Brain Fit for Work™ corporate and workplace seminars a vital part of your company wellness programme.

Whatever your age, a well functioning, brain and memory is crucial to ongoing personal and professional success. As an employer or manager, you can enhance the self-belief, productivity, efficiency, and power of your team through developing brain resilience and mental fitness.